Scrappman and the Skyraider U/L

Upon learning, through another friend, that the pilot of the Skyraider picture was 'Scrappman' -- well known on RAH -- I contacted him, had a nice exchange, and learned some additional information about his plane. Also received a couple pictures from him (included here) that make me dissatisfied with the quality of my own scans... Benton

[ in his words... ]
Most guys wait to be towed, I'd rather paddle. The hand prop, works great,
don't have a pull starter on the motor. Saved 6 lbs by not using it. The old guys
love it. And adds respect from their group. The motor is an old 377, 1490 some
hrs on it, since 1983, point ign. It will pop with a 1/4 turn. Only when I flood it is
it hard to start. We'll have to meet at Arlington next year. Sorry I missed ya, it is
nice to put a face to a name. Pretty busy at the shows. Golden west is the next
one if the factory wants to go.


Benton Holzwarth wrote:
> I was talking with John Ousterhout up at this year's Arlington
> show. He mentioned that one of the pictures on my web-page is of you,
> perched on a float of your SkyRaider at Vette SPB from last year's
> Oshkosh show,
> down near the bottom of the page.
> I have a recollection that you hand-propped the plane, but in retrospect,
> pondered that it's a geared engine, and wondered if instead, I had mis-
> remembered and you were instead using a 'recoil starter' (pull rope.)
> I stopped by the SkyRaider tent at Arlington to meet you, and waited
> several minutes while you had a very patient talk with a guy about
> applying fabric (the thread there was use the Stitts products, but toss the
> manual) but in the end had to move on, and didn't get a change to shake
> your hand.
> Anyway, it's nice to be able to put a name to one of my pictures, and I
> hope you don't mind it being there. I'll add your 'handle' in the caption
> if you can stand the notoriety. (!)
> Benton 5aug00
> --
> B C & G Holzwarth

Scrappman and the Skyraider over the water

Scrappman and the Skyraider over farm country

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