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Aviation Photos -- The Troutdale, OR, Aerofair, '93

Beech D-18 Beech D-18
Description: Bill Reese's Beech D-18, at the Troutdale Airfair; Ground runup, smoke system check. Bill flew three routines this day: a biz-jet (Lear?); one of the Yaks in the Yak/D-18 scramble; and finally, the Mig.
Image: 1200x900, 133k
Ref: 121-1
Two Yak-50s in formation Two Yak-50s in formation.
Description: Bill Reese's pair of Yak-50s in formation, smoke on.
Image: 900x600, 65k
Ref: 121-11
Mig-? flyby Mig-? flyby
Description: Bill Reese's Mig-?. This is the jet that caught fire over Aurora (OR), was landed safely, but burned on the ground.
Image: 900x600, 61k
Ref: 121-16
Ford Tri-Motor flyby Ford (Stout) Tri-Motor flyby
Description: Evergreen International's Ford Tri-Motor. This one flies over my house, now and again.
Image: 863x563, 38k
Ref: 121-18

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