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Interesting planes at the EAA Chapter 105 Pancake Breakfasts -- Spring/Summer 2000

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Piper Pacer Piper Pacer
Description: The Piper Pacer is often used to describe my airplane of choice, the Barrows Bearhawk.
Image: 825x500, 68k
Ref: 295-14
Piper Pacer launches Piper Pacer launches
Description: The Piper Pacer taking off from Twin Oaks Airpark (7S3), Hillsboro, OR.
Image: 825x500, 68k
Ref: 295-11
Auster Taylor Craft AOP Auster Taylor Craft AOP 6 (Air Observation Platform)
Description: This outstanding Auster AOP 6 VF644 flew with the RHKAAF (Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force), performing liaison and observation duties in Hong Kong and other British possessions. It was decommissioned in 1966, crated and shipped to Washington state. In 1994 restoration was begun by Hank Bullock. Additional information is available at this page which celebrates the RHKAAF.
Image: 824x524, 109k
Ref: 287-21
Biplane overflight Biplane Overflight
Description: Can never resist trying to snap a picture of a biplane flying overhead. It was a beautiful day to be out looking at planes. Spring, in Oregon, can be really wonderful.
Image: 864x500, 124k
Ref: 277-13
Bud Hibbard w/ 'Brutis' Bud Hibbard w/ 'Brutis'
Description: The builder with his machine -- a SUPER-Supercub. Dataplate shows 1486 lbs empty and 2500 lbs gross.
Image: 864x500, 107k
Ref: 277-22
Brutis front/left qtr Brutis - front/left quarter
Description: View from the front-left. The vertical tail is from a Pawnee.
Image: 862x499, 132k
Ref: 277-27
Brutis front/right qtr Brutis - front/right quarter
Description: ...and from the front-right.
Image: 864x500, 128k
Ref: 277-24
Brutis wing underside details Brutis - wing underside details
Description: Tried to capture the 'drains' in the main wing and control surfaces. Presume they're also included on the tail surfaces. I'd thought they might only be used on float planes, but seem to turn up on many 'bush' planes or is it just fabric planes?
Image: 864x500, 88k
Ref: 277-18
Brutis wing topside details Brutis - wing topside details
Description: The wing holds two tanks on each side. Note the fence at the far left margin. He said the wing was original super-cub, but with an extra 4" of flap (?) I was thinking 'span' at the time, and later couldn't remember whether he'd said 4" or 4' -- both seemed pretty unlikely. Think now he must have meant he'd added 4" of chord to the flap.
Image: 864x500, 77k
Ref: 277-23
Brutis landing gear details Brutis - landing gear details
Description: The step is kind of an oblique arrangement that doesn't really show in this view, but was interesting WRT the BH discussion on steps. He's also included the mount points for floats (or are they std. with supercubs?) Also, the external control cables are interesting. I thought I understood from a quick read of the BH plans that Bob had run the aileron cable down the *inside* of the strut, but I see here an external arrangement.
Image: 864x500, 82k
Ref: 277-19
Brutis under the cowl Brutis - under the cowl
Description: A 260 horse O-540 provides motivation. A very sanitary installation, like all the details on the plane. Underscores the need for the tankage, tho' like any plane the consumption goes up disproportionately for that last few MPH. Wish I'd asked him the total gallons carried.
Image: 862x499, 89k
Ref: 277-26
Yellow Aeronca 65-LA Yellow Aeronca 65-LA
Description: Just can't resist taking a picture of a cute light-plane.
Image: 866x500, 158k
Ref: 277-3
Aeronca 7AC Curt Smith's Aeronca 7AC
Description: Curt seems to have a lot of fun with his 7AC.
Image: 866x500, 184k
Ref: 277-5
Aeronca 7AC landing gear Aeronca 7AC landing gear
Description: With the recent discussion on foot pegs, I started collecting a few pictures of how others have been styled.
Image: 866x500, 120k
Ref: 277-5
A/C 8GCB (Scout) American Champion 8GCB (Scout)
Description: A brand spanking new Scout -- the dataplate listed a mfg date of 'Mar 2000'.
Image: 862x499, 140k
Ref: 277-32
A/C 8GCB (Scout) rear qtr American Champion 8GCB (Scout) rear qtr
Description: A/C Scout viewed from the rear quarter. People kid about Bob's red planes, but the tower guy talking at a recent EAA meeting said it was the best for them. This was a great looking color, but I'd sure think twice about a turquoise color scheme for something that might get lost in the trees somewhere.
Image: 862x499, 140k
Ref: 277-31

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