Aviation Photo Gallery - EAA Oshkosh '99 (Vette Seaplane Base)

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Photos taken at the EAA convention, Oshkosh, WI, over the week of Jul 28 - Aug 2, 1999. The photos in this section were taken at the Vette seaplane base.

Luscombe Luscombe
Description: Luscombe (reg # N2149B) on a tow into the dock.
Image: 864x500, 77k
Cessna 180 Cessna 180
Description: Cessna 180 (reg # N180SJ)
Image: 864x500, 66k
Ref: 255-6
Maule Maule
Description: Maule M-6
Image: 864x500, 53k
Ref: 255-11
Aeronca Aeronca
Description: This Aeronca 7AC (reg # NC83507) dates from 1946.
Image: 864x500, 75k
Ref: 255-14
Volmer Volmer
Description: A Volmer B-1 flying boat. There were relatively few homebuilts at the seaplane base -- a Kitfox, the Skyraider, and this one are all I remember seeing, the day I was there.
Image: 864x500, 58k
Ref: 255-15
Maule Maule
Description: A Maule M-7 (reg # N3113M).
Image: 864x500, 57k
Ref: 255-16
Piper Cub Piper Cub
Description: Piper Cub -- A '47 PA-12 with Lyc O-320 engine.
Image: 864x500, 66k
Ref: 256-6
DHC Beaver DHC Beaver
Description: A DeHavilland DH-2 Beaver from '60, mounts an R-985 engine.
Image: 864x500, 75k
Ref: 256-8
Cessna 180 Cessna 180
Description: A '64 Cessna 180G with Continental O-470 engine.
Image: 864x500, 93k
Ref: 256-10
Cessna 185 Cessna 185
Description: An '80 Cessna A185F Skywagon (reg # N60871) with Continental IO-520 engine.
Image: 864x500, 76k
Ref: 256-12
SkyRaider SkyRaider
Description: A SkyRaider ultralight. This pilot paddled out from the dock, then handpropped to start his engine, and flew in the afternoon parade up to the main convention area.
Image: 864x500, 72k
Ref: 256-14

I learned later 'this pilot' was Scrappman, well known on RAH. In an email exchange he said, "Most guys wait to be towed, I'd rather paddle." There is some more of that exchange and some photos of the skyraider he sent me on this page.
Republic SeaBee Republic Seabee
Description: A '47 Republic RC-3 SeaBee, with Franklin 6A8 engine.
Image: 864x500, 64k
Ref: 256-19

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