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Photos taken at the EAA convention, Oshkosh, WI, over the week of Jul 28 - Aug 2, 1999. The photos in this section are mostly of WW-II and classic aircraft, on the ground.

Yak-9 Yakovlev Yak-9
Description: A Yak-9U-M, NX1157H. In the early days of the show, it was easier to find angles to shoot pictures with relatively fewer people in them. As the weekend neared, the crowds became thicker.
Image: 864x500, 49k
Ref: 252-1
Taylorcraft L2B Taylorcraft L2B
Description: A Taylorcraft L2B liasion aircraft, with Continental engine.
Image: 864x500, 59k
Ref: 252-2
Lockheed 12A Lockheed 12A
Description: There were a couple (3 ?) of these 12As in a central area. This one struck me as the nicest, all in polished aluminum.
Image: 864x500, 74k
Ref: 253-1
Boeing Model 247 Boeing Model 247
Description: This Boeing Model 247, "City of Renton" is owned by the Museum of Flight, in Seattle, WA. It mounts a pair of R-1340 "Wasp" engines. The forward canted windshield always strikes me as really interesting.
Image: 864x500, 51
Ref: 253-5 /td>
Breezy Breezy homebuilt
Description: A Breezy. This plane was working adjacent to the main runway, hopping Young Eagle rides, I think. There seemed to be a line of people queued up waiting for rides.
Image: 864x500, 64k
Ref: 253-8
Boeing Stearman Boeing Stearman
Description: A Boeing Stearman with Continental W-670 engine.
Image: 864x500, 44k
Ref: 253-11
Pietenpol AirCamper Pietenpol AirCamper
Description: There were a few AirCampers featured. Available in 'Plans' form for over 50 years, new AirCampers continue to emerge from homebuilder shops.
Image: 864x500, 66k
Ref: 253-13
Murphy Rebel on Amphib floats Murphy Rebel on Amphib Floats
Description:This Rebel and the one behind it were riding on amphibious floats. Both planes looked immaculate, very clean. I took in the Murphy builder's forum at the NW-EAA fly-in (Arlington) in '98. They were showing off bits of the HW and answering questions. I was favorably impressed with, for instance, the extrusions used for the aileron hinges.
Image: 864x500, 38k
Ref: 253-14
Papa-51 Thunder Mustang Papa-51 Thunder Mustang
Description: Seeing several original P-51s up close, I was surprised that they really aren't all that large. This replica, at 80% is smaller yet. It was interesting that there seemed to be almost no inertia in the engine and prop. The pilot shut it down a moment after this photo, and it stopped in about two blades.
Image: 864x500, 46k
Ref: 253-16
Ford (Stout) Tri-Motor Ford (Stout) Tri-Motor
Description: This old Tri-Motor was lumbering around most of the time, taking up about a dozen people at a time for a look down on the convention. It seemed to fly in slow-motion compared to most of the other planes making the circuit.
Image: 864x500, 40k
Ref: 253-21
Douglas DC-3 Douglas DC-3
Description: This DC-3 appears in 'Air North' colors. Something about the DC-3s appeals to me in a very utilitarian level.
Image: 864x500, 59k
Ref: 253-28
Sikorsky S-38C Sikorsky S-38C
Description: This replica of the Sikorsky S-38C 'Spirit of Carnauba' and the sons of the company founder recently reenacted the journey made by Sam Johnson in search of Carnauba palms for use in Johnson waxes. Like the Tri-Motor, it seems to fly in slow-motion.
Image: 864x500, 25k
Ref: 253-32
Laird biplane Laird biplane
Description: This Laird LC-B-200 biplane mounts a Wright Whirlwind engine.
Image: 864x500, 86k
Ref: 254-2
Kreutzer K-5 tri-motor Kreutzer K-5 tri-motor
Description: Here's another trimotor, tho' not as large as the Ford/Stout machine. It's reg number NC-612A.
Image: 864x500, 76k
Ref: 254-3
Monocoupe Monocoupe
Description: It was difficult to capture the details of this ship. It was a blazingly bright day, and with the plane all in white, it just glowed.
Image: 864x500, 68k
Ref: 254-6
Ryan PT-22 Ryan PT-22
Description: There were a few PT-22s on site. This was a really nice example.
Image: 864x500, 80k
Ref: 254-12
Ryan STA Ryan STA w/ Painter
Description: I first saw this painter working on a T-6 over in the warbird area. I thought it'd be fun to catch the plane and painting together, and asked if I could take his picture. That picture didn't come out as well, but when I caught him with the STA, I figured it'd be OK to take another, and this one came out better.
Image: 864x500, 55k
Ref: 254-14
Beechcraft Staggerwing Beechcraft Staggerwing
Description: This Beechcraft D-17-S Staggerwing from '37 also fairly glowed under the intense sunlight. This one, NC18575, mounts an R-985 engine.
Image: 864x500, 72k
Ref: 254-16
x Globe Swift
Description: This Globe GC-1B Swith mounts a Continental C-125 engine. I had to check to see if I could see my reflection in the metalwork.
Image: 864x500, 67k
Ref: 254-18
WACO biplane WACO biplane
Description: By midday, planes that offered a reasonable amount of shade became increasingly popular. Especially stand-up-straight shade like this WACO.
Image: 864x500, 63k
Ref: 254-20
Cessna 195 Cessna 195
Description: A classy 195, this one shined like the day it rolled off the factory line -- or probably better.
Image: 864x500, 74k
Ref: 254-23
Fokker Super Universal Fokker Super Universal (?)
Description: I was having trouble finding the this reg number in the on-line records, but finally came up with it being a Fokker Super Universal, from 1929. (Does anyone have a better/different ID?)
Image: 864x500, 57k
Ref: 254-24
Description: This WACO UPF-7, piloted by Jim Franklin, performed in the daily airshows. The plane has mounted underneath, a CJ-610 jet engine from a biz-jet. The radial on the nose pulls it downhill, then the jet spools up, and woosh, it goes back up -- vertical penetration like no WACO ever saw before. Quite a ride for the wing-walker.
Image: 864x500, 38k
Ref: 257-3
Stinson Reliant Stinson Reliant
Description: This Stinson SR-9C Reliant was another handsome old plane that offered a generous bit of shade to its friends. This one mounts an R-680 engine.
Image: 864x500, 65k
Ref: 257-8

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