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I've added a branch area for information and progress reports on my 'Bearhawk' project.

The gallery area is split into separate pages for the various events/dates.
I will happily receive constructive criticism regarding any aspect of the photography or html construction.

Benton Holzwarth

Bearhawk Proto-I; Mike Meador photo Bearhawk information and progress
Collected information and progress on my project -- BH #421.
Oshkosh Gate Flags Oshkosh EAA Fly-In 99 Gallery
(Main Grounds)

Oshkosh, WI, USA
24 photos
Piper Cub Oshkosh EAA Fly-In 99 Gallery
(Vette Sea Plane Base)

Oshkosh, WI, USA
12 photos
Yak-55M Northwest EAA Fly-In 95 / 96 Gallery
Arlington, WA, USA
2 photos
MiG fly-by Troutdale Aerofair 93 Gallery
Troutdale, OR, USA
4 photos
Brutis - front/right quarter EAA Chap-105 Pancake Breakfast Gallery
TwinOaksAirpark - Hillsboro, OR, USA
13 photos
A hairdryer parts dryer Short Subjects; Assorted Projects
6 photos

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